Friday, February 13, 2009

We Love You Long Time!

Don't ya just love them?

They got misspelled words and no grammar...hey, same here!

AND they ogled us!

Love them!

A little disappointed it took 'em five days to come up with a response.
Expected more from such a high ranking blog. (them 333,587 - us 9,315,171)

It is funny that they have to keep reminding everyone what kind of blog they are...but then they get upset when others do it to them... Boobie milk anyone?

Copyright? There's a law?
But I thought that ment we had the right to copy!
Oopsie...Silly me!


bARE-eYED sUN said...

oooo that must've stung! Rocke'em girls! LOL! :-)

Jeff Shaw said...

Hey, its the BK. I was waiting till the storm and "Blogwar II - Revenge of the Mommy Bloggers" was over.

Nice boobies.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Thanks bARE! Your,you' are a ray of sUN shine.

Ohhh BK, baby we've missed you.
Thanks but..ummm.. there, they're, their.. they are not mine.

Geez, this grammar thing is hard work.

Jeff Shaw said...

I meant the four of you are pretty nice, for boobs. I wasn't referring to the photo.


YOU'RE too late, NOT YOUR too late.

Anonymous said...

Funny! No dumb blondes here.