Friday, February 13, 2009

Disappointed in SE Oklahoma!

We find it funny..we can stir up crap even when we're not here!
We also find it funny..that with all the drug sellers, child molesters, spousal abuse, child abuse, murders, meth and mayhem going on in SE Oklahoma.. UR disappointed in our grammar!

Did you ever think..
Maybe we ment to do that.
Maybe we do it to give scared whiny bloggers with no life something to live for.
Maybe we spend all day spelling correctly and using correct grammar and when we come on here...we don't give a damn.
Maybe there is no correct grammar anymore..everyone is speaking Spanish, evry1 is using text message...maybe English is gone.
Maybe we're too damn lazy to hit the ' key. YOUR is so much easier to type than YOU'RE.
Maybe we just wanted the attention...cause we if spelled your correctly, you never would have come here and left a comment.
And maybe, just maybe.. one of us that misspells stuff and uses incorrect grammar, has a husband that has a job tracking down people on the Internet, and he doesn't like it when people are mean to his wife who has big boobies, that he loves, and when she tells him you was mean to her, he tracks your ass down.. when he's off there, their, they're.

And maybe if we was perfect.. WE WOULDN'T BE AN AWARD WINNING BLOG!

We're sew hypful you'er blog weal bee one one day two.


Jake said...

Are you married to the Web Sheriff or something? If so will you ask him to quit leaving me threatening comments?

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Honey! Stop leaving Jake threatening comments!
Let me know if it didn't work. Cause sometimes he only listens to me when we're in bed...don't know why that is.

Idabel Oklahoma said...
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