Thursday, January 22, 2009

American Idol - Mark Mudd

We seem to always end up in the 'Commentary Blog Category' in magazines, links, and nominations. So I'm gonna commentary on this American Idol Mark Mudd thing.

This guy, Mark Mudd, from Coxs Creek Kentucky, was on American Idol last night.

You knew as soon as you saw him.. not gonna make it.

But he tried.. and he wasn't bad.

As the guy was leaving, he said.. 'Take care and be careful'.

And Paula said: Be Careful?

Mark: Yea, be careful in whatever you do.

Paula: What?

Mark: I'm just saying be careful in whatever you do.

Simon: That was a threat.

Paula: And that's a threat.

Mark: No, I'm just saying just be careful you know in whatever

Paula: You don't say that to people. You don't say that to people be careful. That's just not, that's just not a normal thing to say.

What! Is she serious? You don't say that to people! That's not a normal thing to say!

And Simon! Is he serious? That's a threat! Saying be careful is a threat!

I could understand if the guy had said 'You better take care and be careful when you leave here cause I'm gonna kick your ass!'

But the poor guy simple said 'Take care and be careful'

Dear Best Commentary Blog Nominees,
Take Care and Be Careful in whatever you do.
Love, The Idabel Girls


Jill of All Trades said...

Yes I saw that too. I guess Paula and Simon don't get out in the real world that WE live in. I've heard that many times but I guess they are a little goosey huh.

Nadine Hightower said...

I missed that part of Idol...which what I did what was a huge snore. That new judge...tellin' that poor girl, "This is a joke? right?" That was mean.

I tell my hubby to be careful all the time. He was in law enforcement for god's sake!! I think mzP is a bit oversensitive with that whole stalker thing died near her home!!

And to clarify...I am such a brilliant writer...she says rollin' her eyes... that I couldn't convey the fact that I wanted more and different people to comment. Isn't that what it's all about more people coming and reading the blogs. That's what trips my trigger!
I noticed that some of the blogs that were nominated didn't have any comments on entries. But yet nominated.
Comments and having a following is the best high a gal can have short of some tequila and good vibes with my Japanese beau, Hitachi.

Wouldn't you love to have the following that Dooce or the Pioneer Woman does?? If I gave away expensive stuff I just might.
And I mean that in the nicest of ways.

Anyway, how can anyone vote for a person's blog if they don't actually go by and look at it.

Impulsive Addict said...

Hi...just stopping by! Congrats on your award noms!

I'm totally in to American Idol but sometimes Paula just beats me down.

Anonymous said...

Paula seems to be losing it! And Simon, he's one to talk. That was just wrong. That poor guy was just trying to be nice and go on his way. And she wonders why people call her loopy.

coffee said...

i felt sorry for Mr. Mudd since they obviously singled him out as the creep de jour

Redneck Diva said...

Dude. Blogger just ate my comment.

Anyway, what I said was that around here telling someone to be careful is just what you DO. It's completely normal to say "Y'all be careful, 'kay?" when someone leaves. Maybe it's because we're genuinely NICE.

I think Simon's just skittish. When he put together that "popera" group Il Divo he was just asking to get his ass kicked.

Kathy said...

Drink some white lighting Paula and shut the F up!

Anonymous said...

That was just stupid of Paula! And Simon, he was just trying to stir up something.

Anonymous said...

they have apologized now. i think it was an honest mistake. paula and simon (and kara) honestly thought he was threatening them. it was not an act for ratings or drama. paula doesnt work like that you know. she may be controversial at times but its not because she tries to be controversial.