Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Checkin' You Out!

Okay, let's check out the competition:

Best Commentary:

Bounded Rationality - Jeff Shaw - I have lived in Tulsa nearly all my life. I spent the the 80's in New Mexico and Indiana. I love to read scientific studies, and economic papers (I don't know why). My favorite thing to do is to learn new things and play musical instruments. I am also fascinated with other cultures. I am a devoted family man, and believe that the family is the cornerstone of society.
Scientific studies, economic papers, good grammar and spellin', he writes real good....there goes the vote from all the smart people.

Brit Gal' in the USA - Sarah - British expat' who turned her life on its head when she fell for an Okie (the Hubster) in an online backgammon room! Went from stressed out, overworked and stuck in chilled out, where's the traffic and look out for tornado's! Now living far, far off the beaten track in rural Oklahoma (Okieland) and loving life Y'ALL!
She's cute! She writes real good, she's funny, cute husband, wait...she has a cat, we're allergic to cats....there goes the vote from all the cat and cute people.

But I digress - Melessa - I'm a Sooner-born and Sooner-bred mommy of four and an MLS graduate with a degree in Museum Studies. I'm also a writer wanna-be. I love Star Wars, the Muppets, and Walt Disney World. I speak Italian and read Latin-they lied when they said "major in what you love and the money will follow." Either that or the money just gave me a really big head start.
She has a degree, we have degree deodorant. She speaks Italian and reads Latin, we can speak and read some. She's on baby #5, her laptop is down and she hasn't lost her mind...there goes the vote from all the smart strong sane women.

Mainstreet Baptist - Nuff said....there goes the church vote.

Multi-Slacking Mamalicious - I am an INTRAtainer. That means I can entertain myself inside my own mind. Kind of like INTRA-personal communication or the INTRA-net. It's internal. We'll talk more about this later.
How the hell...oops, sorry Mainstream Baptist...How the heck did this chick not get nominated for Best humour? She's funny...oh wait, she did get nominated for Best humour...there goes the vote from the funny haha people.

Okie Sister - This one is not fair..SHE'S OUR FRIEND! She links to us, she leaves us comments, she posts about us. She's our buddy, she's our pal, she'll totally understand if you wanna vote for us and not her. That's just the kinda gal she is...crap! there goes the vote from the kind and considerate people.

Oklahoma City Resturants - Well ain't that the friggin' butter on the biscuit! ..there goes the vote from everyone that eats!

Two- Headed Blog - 2006 and 2007 Okie Blog Winner for Best Commentary!!

Violins and Starships - a little bit 18th century, a little bit 24th century. This Blog has the following tags: Art, Books & Language, Culture and History, Science Fiction, Science, Nature, Tech...ya know what that means...there go the rest of the damn votes!...sorry Mainstream Baptist...darn, the darn votes.

Today In Idabel Oklahoma - Gonna have to buy some votes!


♥georgie♥ said...

I am out visiting ALL the blogs in ALL the cats...there are some amazing blogs out there....yours is NO execption!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

LMAO, I popped by to checkout the competition and love this post, too funny. May the best blog win, I'm just grateful we're not up against Pioneer Woman!

Kathy said...

OMG! Just spit water everywhere! Butter on the biscuit. Congrats Girls!

Jeff Shaw said...

Nice. LMBO. I found you guys through Okie Sister 3-4 months ago. Keep up the good work!

Hey, I had a girlfriend from Hugo once, a long, long time ago. It's the closest I've ever been to Idabel. I wonder if she's out of jail yet...?

Anonymous said...

Man, I think Jeff Shaw wins for "suck up" and funny points.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Jeff Shaw is a butt kisser. He went over to two-headed and told them they were his favorite. Then he comes over here trying to be all funny and cute...okay, he is funny and cute..a funny and cute butt kisser.

Doug Dawg said...

Having just read your clever and humble reviews of your competition, you just won my vote. Hope you get lots more.

Nadine Hightower said...

I think maybe you should be in the humor catagory!!

At least some of the others have left you a None, zip zilch.

Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

OK, you just got my vote!!

Blessed be...

Jeff Shaw said...

OK IDA-BELLES, IT'S ON! I've had about enough of ya'll doggin' me out all over the *&^%@**& State of Oklahoma.

When you least expect it -

Expect it. :)


Idabel Oklahoma said...

Well it's obvious Mr. Jeff Shaw, that you don't read our blog. If you did, you would know not to mess with women in Idabel.
Go push the tag "Idabel Women". Not that we'd do any of that to you. We're starting to like you..even if you are a butt kisser. ;)

xxox our ( ! )'s Jeff Shaw!

Jeff Shaw said...

You "Idabel Women" are FOR REAL.

Probably shouldn't mess around with an Idabel woman unless I want my mom beat up or a coffee table thrown at me.

Jeff Shaw said...

xoxox to my new friends.

Mamalicious said...

How funny are ya'll from south eastern okla by god homa? the comment line "13 requests for weed" cracked me up!

Keep up the good work!