Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elections are over.. now back to the real news!

WTRW: The Broken Bow police took a report of a woman spitting on another woman in the city park.

NAIW: ..............And?

WTRW: And what? That's it.

NAIW: That's it? Who cares about a woman spitting on another woman?

WTRW: It made the front page!


Austin said...

Oh McCurtain Gazette, what inconsequential event won't you publish?

joe (yes,really) said...

Was it a wad of spit or a luggie or just a little spit ball? Come Gazette give us the dirt---or the spit on this story. Enquiring minds want to know.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Joe...don't be pissing off the Gazette. We give them 50 cents and they give us a blog post. It would be very boring here with out the news from the gazette...and all those people that go out and do stuff that make the news...we'd really be up crap creek here without them.