Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're getting the Big Boobs!

BELLE: Look at all these people blogging about us.
WTRW: If this keeps up we're gonna get the big boobs.
BAAW: The what? What did she say? The what?
WTRW: The big boobs! You know, like the big head, except were girls so we'd get the big boobs.....what? Why are ya'll laughin?
NAIW: Your the whole reason they have redneck blond jokes.
We're #15 page 78 online
Another discovery for the area is the blog "Today in Idabel Oklahoma." The product of four interesting women, its entries range from significant local happenings to exchanges on politics and religion (probably sex, too, but I haven't read all the posts yet!). Some of the entries are funny, others poignant, but they are always worth checking out.
This is not my blog but it is hysterical. It is a heavy dose of sarcasm mixed with small town gossip. I loved the pink cowgirl boot article. .
Thought I would share the love my fellow Okies and tell you about some chicks in Idabel who put out regularly. Yeah, I done ‘em once. But be forewarned: if you satisfy ‘em the first time, they’ll want more.
Do Us Again Okie! Do Us Again!
That’s what they call me.
Today in Idabel Oklahoma is eye rolling over Sarah Palin, defending rednecks, listening to Aretha Franklin and heaping praise on -- "Not only is it interesting and noteworthy, it's PRETTY".

I liked this comment so much, I thought I'd post it:
Idabel Oklahoma said...Do people understand that once upon a time not everyone had the right to vote. Women and blacks were a few that did not have that right. It's a right, a right some people fought for. I don't care if this whole state votes Republican, don't care if the whole state votes Democrat. It's my right and I'm going to vote, even if I know it's for the loser.

WORD FOR THE DAY: poignant


Joe (yes,really) said...

HA!Oh you girls!

Josh said...

Can We See Them?
It's A Joke,,,,Well Maybe Not.