Friday, September 12, 2008

Surprise! Idabel Sonic Burglarized

McCurtain Gazette-
In local law enforcement activity, for the seventh time this year, the Idabel Sonic Drive-In was burglarized today. An employee arrived about 5:30a.m. today to find the front door broken and the safe missing. It wasn't known how much money was inside the safe.
No cameras or alarm were in operation at the time, police said.
* Now that's a surprise....they were only burglarized six times before. So they leave off the alarm and STILL have no bubba cam. Is there a Stupid Sonic of the year award?*

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Sapphire Lucy said...

You would think that after the first four or five times that they might have gotten a clue. I know that Idabel is kind of dead after say about 8:00 pm but removing a safe is no easy feat. You would think that someone would have seen something. Well, perhaps they did and they were involved as well. Man, do I miss the #2 burgers! In&Out in California is OK but no Sonic.