Friday, September 12, 2008

Idabel Cash Trash

NAIW: Did ya'll read this story in the McCurtain Gazette?
A 53 year-old Idabel woman said $500 was stolen from her driver's side door while she was shopping at a discount store or at a convenience store. She discovered the money was missing after making the two stops.
Am I the only one wondering... WHY!
Why would you put $500 in your friggin' car door and leave it?
If you have to leave it in the car..
put it in the glove compartment..
and lock it!

BAAW: I'd put it in the trunk.

PTW: You guys ever heard of a bank?
You put your cash in them.
They keep it safe for you.
It's really cool.

WTRW: I don't need a bank, thank you very much.
I have kids, so I never have money to put in a bank.
But if I did have $500 to leave in my car---

I just throw it in the floor cause nobody would ever find it.

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