Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bad Idabel Momma's - Take Two

We're posting this again cause we think Mamalicious is a bad mommy. Someone call Child Welfare Please!

Have you been a bad mother? Then go tell your story here Bad Mothers Anonymous

This is one of our favorites...cause we've done this once....or twice...OK! We've done this a lot.
When my daughter was 3 months old, I buckled her into the car seat, but forgot to seat-belt the seat to the car. At a stop-light, I heard a "thump". She was face down in the foot well of the back seat, still strapped in. I panicked and pulled over. When I picked her up, she wasn't even crying. She just looked a little confused.

Just call us bad mommas... cause we're gonna try this one.
My boys absolutely LOVE broccoli. I got them to eat it by telling them it will make them fart! --Sarah in Ca

Still laughin' at this one.
When my daughter was about 1 or so, I was changing her diaper. It was a Sunday. I swear she had a worm. I pulled one out of her bottom when I was wiping her. It was like 4 inches long. I called the doctor. We all got wormed. Her doctor wanted to see her on Monday and bring the worm with us. I walked in, (my MIL had already taken her and I met them from work)they both started laughing at me...My MIL had forgotten to tell me that they ate Chinese and Mandy LOVES SPROUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a bean sprout!!!HAHAHAHAHA.....We all got wormed...for nothing.


Mamalicious said...

Oh, I LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I found ya'll over at Holly's place.

I really do think I would be a better momma if I still smoked weed! Seriously. I don't papers, I can use a can.

Lisa H. from Oklahoma said...

I still laugh at those. Have we not all been bad mommies at one time or another. I've bribed my kids and I've spanked my kids. I've had thoughts of calling child welfare on myself just to get a break. Today my kids are grown and living good lives. One is a doctor and one is a teacher.

♥georgie♥ said...

I can not relate to any of those...nope not me...LOL...
The bean sprout one had me LMAO...

morewineplease said...

SO SO FUNNY!!! Thanks for the laughs! I just found you from Mamalicious!