Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Oklahoma Republican Legislature

Thanks so much for throwing this out.


Anonymous said...

Crap...crap...crapity crap.
A Republican

jenx67 said...

i depend on you guys to post stuff my husband might get fired if i posted.

David said...

I bet that's making all these Okies proud that voted republican. If you didn't they were assholes before you do now!

David said...

"If you didn't know they were assholes before, you do now!"

Sorry, that's what happens when you leave comments and your pissed.

Jeff Shaw said...

As I understand the bill it would have required private insurance companies to cover what is most likely a worthwhile treatment for autistics.

It's probably the idea of the government mandating to private companies how they should change there business model to accomodate this that gets Republicans. So, if you are for this, why not propose a different approach? There's more than one way to solve any problem.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Private insurance pays or tax payers pay. Either way it gets paid. If insurance doesn't pay, then the family pays till they can't pay anymore, then they get on medicare. But there are those of us that won't take a lower paying job so we can meet medicare we start to pack up and move to a state that cares about the treatment for kids that have autism. In Oklahoma, there is no private insurance provider that provides coverage for ABA (Applied Behavorial Analysis - behavior therapy). It's the most cost effective treatment for autism. Some speech, PT, and OT are covered, but they have limits. Behavioral Therapy is 80% of the total cost of treatment but there's no coverage.

1 in 99 boys have autism.
You hear people say "Well my kid is okay, so I ain't worried about it. Y'all just want a free ride. Why should my insurance company be made to pay for yor kid?"
1 in 99 boys...yes,that persons kid might be okay now, but one day they'll have grandkids, and who can say it won't be 1 in 20 by then. Maybe when it's 1 in 2 kids have autism, people will say "These insurance compaines should cover treatment for autism just like they cover treatment for diabetes and cancer."

Jeff Shaw said...

I'm not saying I'm against it. What you say sounds reasonable to me.

The thing I don't like with our system, if someone has a problem, they have to lose everything to get assistance. (or take a low paying job in order to get benefits)

There has to be a solution. A private/government joint venture partnership, something like that?

Idabel Oklahoma said...

I wasn't bitchin' at you sweetie. I was just bitchin'. Sorry. Your still our favorite butt kisser.

Baloney said...

Oh boy. Wish I had seen this sooner!
I think the frame of mind most forget is that our state ends up paying one way or another. It would be (long term) cheaper to require private insurance to cover evidence based autism treatments than it would be to pay for these kids for their entire lives. Most families can't afford to pay privately so the kids don't get the services they need.

Another thing I want to mention is that this law has been passed in other states and works just fine.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Exactly! Most families I know have either lost everything trying to pay for services, give up good jobs for lower paying jobs so they can get help from the state or they just stop services.
I live in Oklahoma, have insurance in Arkansas and get services in Texas. How messed up is that? But it's the only way we can do it.