Friday, January 30, 2009

Nothing but streets and bars in Idabel

Read in McCurtain Gazette - Call the Editor
I am a 17 year-old girl, and I have nothing to do in this town but run the streets or go to bars. I do promise you I can get into any bar here. I wonder about my two little sisters. What will happen to them by the time they want to go out on the weekends? It's scary to me about kids in this town. They closed the swimming pool, and we have to be rich to go to the movies. Bring back the drive-ins, get a YMCA, get a boys and girls club. Do something.

They closed the swimming pool..... Wouldn't it be closed right now even if it was open? You know, since it's winter.

You have to be rich to go to the movies.... Your not rich enough for a $3.00 movie matinee but you can afford to go to a bar?

Bring back the drive-ins.... Umm..wouldn't the drive in be classified under movies...that you have to be rich to go to?

Get a YMCA.....Get a J O B!

Get a boys and girls club....does the boys and girls club in Broken Bow count as a boys and girls club?

Do go to church and get involved in a youth group instead of running the streets.. like spend time with two sisters playing board games instead of spending time in bars.. like studying to get into a college to get a degree, so that one day you will be smart enough to fix all that's wrong with Idabel and your two sisters can be proud and say "We want to be just like our big sister when we grow up".
Do something like that?
Do something.... like you grown ups need to do something to fix this while my seventeen year old whining butt runs the streets and goes to bars so my two sisters can say "We want to be just like our big sister when we grow up".
Which Do something do you mean?


Jeff Shaw said...

I told my son after a long and whiny "I'm boooooored!" that people who are bored are just not participating. If you want to fight boredom - participate in something.

Lazy and bored are the first cousins of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone think a "Swimming Pool" is going to solve all the youth problems here? When the damn pool was opening we still had kids saying "there's nothing to do here". When did it become the cities job to entertain all the kids? How about the parents keep them busy!

♥georgie♥ said...

ummmm if you follow me(aka click on the button bringin me to 199) then I can help you out....
I'm just sayin....

Nadine Hightower said...

Are we all in agreement??? Teenager are whineyass.
Bored if not entertained every 2 seconds.
And mostly importantly, stupid.

Show of hands!

Dawn said...

Is there a high pregnancy rate there?!? LOL!

Kids these days EXPECT to be entertained by others instead of learning to entertain themselves.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

We keep all our kids in sports, youth groups and do family time. If the whinybutts are busy, there's no time to get bored and in trouble...and we hope no time to get pregnant. Ha.. that doesn't always work out..but we try. Some parents around here don't even try and that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

I suggest the 17 year old have her parents buy her a set of blocks with letters on them, a rattle, a teething ring, and maybe a tricycle when she matures a little. Maybe then she won't be so bored.