Friday, January 30, 2009

Maybe Legal Marijuana Would Help!

Read in local paper:
Someone wrote how they were watching a news program about the state of California, letting people grow and sell marijuana. Said the state collects millions of dollars in revenue from it, and was wondering why they can't do it in Oklahoma. Said it may help the economy.

Our Reply: If the state of Oklahoma legalized the sale of weed it would look something like this: 1 plant @ 2pounds = $5000 - state tax due $225 - county tax due $100 - city tax due $150. Look at all that tax for 1 plant - $475. How many plants do we have in McCurtain County?

*The attorney at, Attorneys-R-Us, said for us to post this:
This blog in no way supports the legalization of marijuana or the use of marijuana or the sale of marijuana or the growing of marijuana or the blah blah blah blah blah.


jenx67 said...

oh, you're appealing to my sense of humor today. stop it. a good girl doesn't laugh at jokes about weed.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Uhh, we saw that "Sponge Bob Messy Pants" cake that you made. There had to be drugs involve when you made that.

♥georgie♥ said...

oh ummm well yes ummm yes pass the cheetos

Jeff Shaw said...

I'm going to get in trouble one of these days for joking about weed, especially on the interwebs. But I was a teenager in the 70's and its just funny to me. I joke all the time about it, and if you knew me, you would know I JOKED about it. That being said:

If Jenx67 was smoking the "weed" that they grow in McCurtain County, Then I can definitely understand the "messy pants" part of that cake.

Triva question. Brad Pitt said this in one of my favorite movies:
"Don't condensend me, man."

What movie?

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Us 70 kids all joke about weed. It's sure a joke compared to what all is out there now.

Legal marijuana said...

In my opinion, even if there is so much pressure on this matter, marijuana should only be legalized for medical purposes. And even this would be hard to do, and the legal frame should be very well thought in order to avoid any abuse.

Anonymous said...

Been smoking for 28 years. Recently stopped because of fear of losing job due to possibility of random tests. Marijuana needs to be legalized for recreational use because I am actually able to verify it is not bad. God put this plant on our earth. It may be hybrid but so are fruits and vegies as in native form fruits and vegies would not feed the world population. Weed is hybrid from hemp and helps relax folks. This county was a better place when folks did not have to worry about drugs tests when it came to pot. Pot last about 4weeks in the human whereas other substances are not detectable within 72hours of the last use. Meth is dangerous and has caused much crime in McCurtain County as compared to the days when most smoked pot. This county was a better place before the "Drug Wars." My experience and awareness has seen this place go down hill since jobs are so strick on drug tests. It is not fair because you can smoke a joint and it last up to 4weeks and doing meth one can past urine test within 72 hours. The most messed up folks do meth, those users cause the most accidents on a job. Recreational use of marijuana needs to be legalized. When I do not smoke weed folks think I'm wired. Weed relaxes me and many others and should be legal. I have a BA degree and am a very intelligent person. Folks had more sense and respect when they did not have to quit smoking pot because of a drug test that can cause them to lose their livelyhood. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IN OKLAHOMA, IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Pot does not fry ones brain as many may THINK. GOD PUT IT ON THIS PLANET. WHAT MAKES US BETTER THAN HIM TO DESTROY WHAT HE HAS CREATED?