Friday, January 23, 2009


What the hell!
Okie said there's not going to be an awards ceremony!!

WHAT! We bought new dresses!
Where the hell am I suppose to wear this now?
You know how much this damn thing cost me on ebay?
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Don Smith said...

I liked the last one, reminds me of Cher. Your award to Georgie is most appropriate and on time, she got my vote.

You guys are pretty good, I liked this: "And thanks to those bloggers that said they would nominate us for Best Humour Blog if we nominated them for buncha lying gooberheads."

Took a link out of petty cash and I am gonna drop by from now on, and check you out.

Good Luck on your "we is nominated" thang.


♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh LMAO!!! is that last one made by Cher??? No Ceremony? I will hafta gosee whats up

♥georgie♥ said...

Just thought I would bump up your orders for weed...times are tough i know ;-)

Okiedoke said...

OK, I changed my mind; perhaps a small ceremony. Look for my address in your email.

Dawn said...

Georgie sent me over!

You all are hilarious!

Congrats on your nomination. I'm super excited about Georgie and I both being nominated.

Jeff Shaw said...


You all are all that AND a bag of weed!

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Hi Don,
Thanks, we've been dropping by your blog even before you were nominated. Thanks for stopping by ours....finally!

Ms. Georgie,
Thanks for being so nice to everyone and leaving comments every where you go. A blog is boring without comments.That's half of the fun of reading them.
And yes, times are tuff..even down here in the weed capital of Oklahoma. People just don't buy it like they use to.

A small us and you? Now you know your heart can't handle that. Only one at a at a time.

And just think Jeff, since your our get a discount!

Don Smith said...

Uh I would have dropped by sooner (pardon the pun) but I was busy at the Family Reunion, we are a diverse group of inbred Okies, who seem to have many disorders, and I was in charge of the name tags, and they all see to have multiple personalities, so naturally, I was there all day long, and I just couldn't make it here as fast as I wanted. Like they say ... I wasn't born in Texas ... But I got here as fast as I could.

I will take three pounds and a goodly sized bong.


Redneck Diva said...

Something tells me that I won't be getting Okie's address in the mail....I don't have fancy dresses like y'all do. I do, however, have lots of camouflage. And a tiara. It certainly isn't a Cher-inspired dress, but maybe it'll do...

I'm incensed. I really wish there would be some kind of get-together. I am DYING to meet y'all and Georgie!

BigAssBelle said...

that. last. one. is. mine. love that.