Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why Some Women Hate Sarah Palin

I am a follower of this blog She is the woman I dream to be--she has a brain and knows how to use it. I have a brain and one day I will learn how to use it for the good of all womankind. Until that day comes---I'm stuck here--with these women--whom I love. You'll find lots of good information for women on her blog--unlike the insane information you find for women here. But as I'm often reminded---500 times a day---THIS BLOG IS JUST FOR FUN! WE AIN'T SUPPOSE TA BE USIN' OUR BRAIN HERE. WE'RE SUPPOSE TO JUST COME HERE AND HAVE SOME FUN. Do you feel my pain now?
Anyway, the place I'm going with this is here She directed her readers to this story, and I just wanted to comment on it.

Why I Hate Sarah Palin.
by B.
First let me be clear about this- I Do Not Hate Sarah Palin. I do however, dislike Sarah Palin. I dislike her, not because my friends hate her, I dislike her because----She's not ready to be Vice-President, much less President! This woman has not paid her dues! She has not earned the right to be President. Yes, I know she's not running for President. But let's be real here people--McCain would be our oldest president. Nothing against old people, I'm one foot from 50, but being old is hell on the body and mind. My mind is slower, my body is slower, it takes awhile for your get up and go to get up and go.
McCain had a run in with cancer. Cancer wears you down. Cancer comes back. Fighting cancer is hard work and surviving cancer is even harder work.
Go look at the past Presidents before they took office and when they left office.
Example: President Bush then and now.

Being President takes a lot out of a person.

How much would it take out of McCain? Could it be enough to put Sarah Palin in power?
I'm not against a woman for President. I like Hillary. I admire Hillary. I don't agree with everything Hillary is for-- but the woman has paid her dues. Hillary has earned the right to run for President. Hillary has earned the right to be President.
Hillary Clinton fought and earned her right to run, Geraldine Ferraro fought and earned her right to run. Both of these woman have paid their dues.
Sarah Palin has not fought long enough or hard enough to earn her right to run this country. Sarah Palin has not paid her dues and for Sarah Palin to think she has and accept---that is why I dislike her---not because my women friends hate her, not because she's too pretty, not because she's confident, and not because she could embarass us.

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