Sunday, October 5, 2008

Idabel Youth Vote

This is an interesting site.

Can't remember where I heard this, but it seems most voters between the age of 18 and 38 would vote for Obama.
Um mm,,,, so I called my nineteen yr-old son..... cause he knows everything.
Me: "Hey, booboo. It's momma.. so tell me, why would you vote for Obama?"
Booboo: "Mom! Stop it with the Booboo! I'm nineteen...."
Me: "No, your two, in my eyes your two. Now answer the question"
Booboo: " Jeez mom!--cause he's for change and we need change. The world is going down hill, he's going to take us up. He represents us, the youth, the future. he represents all of us that are NINETEEN! NINETEEN!"
Mom: "What about the black thing?"
Booboo: "What about it? Me and my nineteen yr-old friends don't see him as black. We don't care. Do you realize at the rate we're going, soon there won't be any White, Black, Native American, Asian whatever the hell.....
Mom: "Booboo! Don't say hell"
Booboo: "Sorry, but I'm almost twenty"
Mom: "No, your still two in my eyes and two yr-olds don't say hell".
Booboo: "Jeezzz mom!"
Mom: "Finish what you where saying"
Booboo: "_ _ _ _ _ _oh ya, soon we'll all be mixed. They need a mixed box on all these stupid forms you have to fill out now. Every time M has to fill out a form he checks the Black box, the White box and the Native American box. So then they always tell him, you can only check one, so then he gets in a big okay, so which box do I check conversation, so"
Mom: "So how are your grades?"
Booboo: "Gotta go booboo momma, your breaking up"

Two! He's still two in my eyes. A two yr-old that can vote.

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