Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slightly Confusing

McCurtain County Daily Gazette
Idabel Police are investigating the second armed home invasion and burglary in this county in one week. The first occurred at Wright City last week and has not yet been solved.
The second home invasion is slightly confusing, as there seems to be more to the situation than what some of those involved reported to officers.
A couple called police early Monday morning, saying one of their friends had just called and said he had been robbed at gunpoint. The couple translated for the victim, who could not speak English. The man said that two men armed with large pistols had forced their way into his home on the *** block of Northeast *th Street and held him down at gunpoint. The men kept demanding to know where a girl was. The victim said he didn't know who they were talking about, nor had he ever seen the men before. As one man held him down at gunpoint, the other man ransacked the house, stealing $800 cash and the man's wallet. Both men then left in a black Taurus, he told officers.
A neighbor across the street told police that while cleaning his camper he noticed a black Taurus drive by several times without lights on. Shortly afterwards, a woman came walking down the street and went into a home next door to the victims' house. Then the Taurus returned and two men with guns went into the house. All three - the two men and the woman - later got into the car and drove away, the man told officers.
The woman helping the victim translate said she believed she knew the woman that the suspects were looking for and might know where she was. She then drove to a local motel as officers put out an alert to all law enforcement officers for the black Taurus. When the woman arrived at the local motel, she saw the Taurus and two men leaning against a motel room door, as if they were listening to a conversation inside the room. As they saw the woman pull up to the motel, though, the men both ran, she said.
The woman honked her horn outside the motel room, and a woman and man came outside. The woman coming out of the motel room was on a cell phone telling someone that two men were trying to kill her. The woman driving the car tried to convince the man and woman to go with her, but they got into the Taurus with the two men, she said.
Just as the Taurus was about to drive away, an officer spotted the car and made a traffic stop in the parking lot. The driver, a 28-year-old Idabel man, told officers that there was .45 pistol in the car. Everyone except a handicapped man with no legs was taken out of the car. When the officer couldn't find the gun, he asked the handicapped man to lean over. The gun was underneath the man, the officer noted. The driver was arrested for driving under suspension, carrying a loaded firearm and other traffic citations.
The victim made several complaints against the suspects and believed he could pick them out of a photo lineup, but many of those at the scene would not give statements, officers said.
The case was turned over to detectives this morning.
I'm thinkin'..... slightly confusing doesn't cover about WTF!

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