Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Friend Maverick Vs. Joe The Plumber

As you know I'm the only Republican on here.
I'm surrounded by Dem-others.
Dem-others that think it's funny to tease me....and tease me... and TEASE ME!
Why do you Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin continue to give these women ammunition to use against me!
Saying My Friend and Maverick 500,000 times wasn't enough?
Oh No! Now you give them JOE THE PLUMBER!

This is Joe The Plumber.
He's Joe. He's a Plumber. So he's Joe the Plumber.
In case you didn't know this is Joe The Plumber.
Not Plumber Joe. But Joe The Plumber.
Maverick has a best friend named Joe The Plumber.
Your Friend Joe The Plumber.
Did ya hear about Joe?.....He's a Plumber
How many times can a Republican say Joe The Plumber? Don't know...their still saying it!
Knock Knock! Who's there? Joe! Joe who? JOE PLUMBER iz here lady!
Sorry your friend Maverick moved. But now you have JOE THE PLUMBER!
Say it ain't so Joe! Say it ain't so!

Dem-others on here can be a bunch of Dem-bitches sometimes!


KatieKaye said...

HAHAHA! The pain of being a Republican in a democratic house. I feel your pain.

Joe (yes really) said...

Joe? Joe who? Who's Joe? ha Gotta luv your friends to keep from killing them.