Friday, October 3, 2008

Good moments of the debate

Top Debate Moments @ Yahoo! Video

Here's a cheat sheet from so you can follow along with the video:

- Gov. Palin asks Sen. Biden if she can call him Joe (this is funny considering some Republicans threw a fit when Sen. Obama called Sen. McCain by his first name in the Pres. Debate. Some felt the Jr. Sen should not have addressed the Sr. Sen. by his first name. Now here's Gov. Palin wanting to address Sen. Biden by his first name)

- The candidates discuss the bailout bill and the economy- "Say it ain't so, Joe!"

- Biden brands McCain's health care plan "the ultimate bridge to nowhere"

- Biden gets choked up discussing being a single parent due to the loss of his first wife (the debate moment, the moment everyone will talk about and remember)

- The candidates discuss their separate plans for Iraq- On oil policy, Palin corrects Biden, "the chant is 'drill BABY drill'" - Palin's "lame attempt at a joke"

She said/He said

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