Friday, November 6, 2009


Someone left us this message - BLOG!!!!
We're sorry, but we've had some major life changes going on.

The Redneck, which is me, got married!--still waiting on those wedding gifts from some of you.

The Black Woman, moved away!---to a place very few black women move away to..MONTANA!

The Belle, got an important political job!---it's very hush hush...we just think she's working for the Democrats now and just don't want her Republican friends to know it.

and The Native :( our Native been sick.

Hopefully, things are slowing down and we'll try to BLOG!!! more often.


Elaine Warner said...

Welcome back -- you've been missed. Sorry about the wedding present but here's a tip. For an awesome massage, head for Body Harmony in Broken Bow (actually north of town). That warm shea butter will leave you ultra-silky. And I'm not on their payroll! Check my blog (A Broad Abroad) for more info.

Territory Mom said...

Congrats on the marriage! Good to have you guys back. Best wishes

Jeff Shaw said...

1. Congrats on the wedding. How many bongs did you get? :)

2. Montana needs More Black Women.

3. Oh man, a political job? yikes. Does that means she's breaking people's kneecaps for casino debts?

4. Heal! Think positive! What ever it is we are with you.

TuTu's Bliss said...

Alright but I'm really really missing you guys. Only you could make a serious post funny.

Better tip.. if you're having to pay for a massage already you married the wrong man ;)In that case I'll send you a divorce present because those are way more fun.

If you married a keeper then skip the massage and just break open a bottle of baby oil and lay down a shower curtain liner or tarp. That my friend is a couple's massage the redneck way! HUGS

Anonymous said...

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