Wednesday, January 14, 2009


*A 24-year-old Idabel woman is facing charges after spitting and scratching several police officers while being arrested. The officer pulled the woman over after he had to swerve to avoid being hit by her car. As the officer was talking to to the driver, another car pulled up and three women got out. One of the women in the group said she was the owner of the car. As the officer was talking to the woman he noticed a group of seven women approaching him from behind. The group of seven women formed around the 24 year old woman when police told her she was under arrest. Before the officers could get to the patrol car and put the suspect inside, the group of women ran over and got between the officers and the patrol car. After the officers got the women to move they put the suspect in the patrol car. On the way to the jail, the suspect cursed and spit at the officer. Once inside the jail the woman spit on the face of one office and scratched the face of another before being placed in the restraint chair.

*A 41-yr-old Idabel woman was arrested for robbing 3 convenience stores. The woman was tasered in the buttocks after becoming aggressive with officers. She was arrested on two counts of robbery by force or fear and an outstanding warrant

* A Garvin woman was arrested for assaulting her husband. The victim said he tried to wake the woman up for church and after she said she wasn't going, she began hitting him. She then followed him out the front door while threatening to kill him with a pistol. She then hit him in the head with a can opener. Deputies arrested the woman, who said the man had been hateful to her after she said she wasn't going to church.

* Officers were called to a domestic disturbance south of Broken Bow. The woman said her boyfriend came home drunk and she told him to stop drinking. When she tried to pour out his beer, he head-butted her, so she scratched his arm. The man said the woman tore off his necklace and began choking him. He showed officers marks consistent with the claim.

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kewabl said...

This is for police officers, and convenience store clerks, and Garvin husbands, and boyfriends who come home drunk.