Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Counting to 4

We're just sitting here counting to 4.

We count 1..2..3..4 of us.

That's 1..2..3..4 votes...4 votes!

4 votes that could be used to help other bloggers.

Other say..those up against a certain woman.

Or maybe a blogger that really really wants to win.

Or maybe a blogger that has been nominated for two catagories and only really needs to win know, like maybe.. the Best Political and not the Best Commentary.

Or maybe a blogger that would never make other bloggers feel guilty for not voting for her.

Or a blog (that we nominated) that also has four votes that they could use to help other bloggers.

We count 1..2..3..4 votes here.

4 votes just waiting to be used to help some bloggers who could help other bloggers with a vote .

Not that we're asking anyone to use their 1 vote on us 4.

We're just sitting here counting to 4!

1..2..3..4 counting our votes some more


♥georgie♥ said...

I am not beneath being bought!

Nadine Hightower said...

Seriously, why weren't you nominated for humor???

T.R. said...

I am paying $25 per vote and prepared to make a check out for $100 right now. Of course you have my vote already! But what's a vote when you can make some cold hard cash.

Jeff Shaw said...

Hey, I "totally plugged" you on my blog. You got the headline and everything.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

We don't have to buy you. We gave you an award...we own your butt now! ;-)

It's like this, some bloggers,and we're not naming any names here (he's right below you)..but some bloggers said they would nominate us for humour..AND DID NOT! and we said we would nominate that someone for best blog...AND WE DID!
But we've forgiven him that is right below you cause he's just so damn cute.

You don't have to speak in code anymore. The cops stopped reading our blog. So your needing $100 worth of weed, right?
And by the way, thanks for nominating us for best humour. We'll get that weed to your house asap.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Yes Jeff, we see you put us on top...hint..hint..wink..wink.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nadine. I've read all the nominated blogs and thought about the following.
You know that part on The Last Comic Standing show where the comics call each other out by going into a room and stating, "I know I'm funnier than......"
Maybe you could try that next year.

And Jeff...a gentleman doesn't "plug" and tell. hee hee

♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO...yes i guess you do own me now...

I so thought this blog should had been nom'd in humor...I couldnt even campaign agaisnt ya...I'm just not worthy!

Oh and yes Jeff plugged you BUT dissed me pffft lol

Jeff Shaw said...

Just for the record - and I'm not kidding - I think this is a great blog.

No punch line.

But I would like my dope SOMETIME THIS WEEK.

jenx67 said...

oh, i must be so transparent. the co-dependent blogger, eh? it's this whole biblical law thing going on. ruthless self promotion leads to a pride that will damn you. but, according to the law, false humility is worse than pride, so VOTE FOR ME. hahahaha.

did i mention i attended college at a private Christian U. where the same girl volunteered to pray in chapel every year on the very day we all voted for homecoming queen? talk about a strategist.

this was so much fun going from link to link to see who you included (and who you didn't!)

well, in all sincerity, a vote for jean warner's blog is a vote for every female blogger in oklahoma. and you have now inspired me with your HUMOROUS commentary to post something on my blog about this very thing. forthcoming.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Links do not mean that's who we're voting for. We just linked to people that had left us comments or follow us when post was wrote...cause we're comment whores. We could give one blogger in each category all 4 votes or we could pick different bloggers in each categorey.

No Blog Kyle said...

10 blogs in each field and you all have four votes. So you could give a blog all your votes and put them over the top. Wow! I'd be kissing your butts if I had a blog. I'll still kiss your butts. Good luck to you. When this is over will you go back to posting about Idabel?

James said...

Great work gals.. keep it up
Beautiful World | Sex | Drawings| Illusions | Amazing Facts | Arts | Sculpture

♥georgie♥ said...

well hells bells I wanted to use you girls for my peep show today but ahem you do not follow my blog....this is easily rectified yanno...