Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All Four One! And One Four All!

On our quest to find the best blogs to nominate for the "Okie Blog Awards" (we only have 468 blogs left to read) here are a few of the blogs that we all four can agree on liking.

Here they are: (no jen your not listed here, but your getting nomination)
Moms Are For Everyone http://emeryjo.blogspot.com/
The Crib Chick http://cribchick.blogspot.com/
Straight Shooter http://shootinstraight.blogspot.com/
A Shrewdness of Apes http://shrewdnessofapes.blogspot.com/

Dear Okie,
We just want you to know, this has not been easy. There's four of us and we don't always agree....hell we never agree. We should not have to just pick one blog for each category. We should be allowed to pick four blogs for each category.
*A blogger can only nominate one blog per category.*
A blogger...A blogger is one..we are four.

Not one damn joke about how our four brains make one good brain!


Okiedoke said...

You misunderstand. Each blogger can submit her own list of nominations.

Only one blog per category can be submitted on each list of nominations.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Imagine..us misunderstanding something.
Like that don't happen often.

Kathy said...

You girls really need to leave that poor man alone. It's not like he's one of your ex-husbands that your allowed to drive crazy.