Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Okie Blog Awards!

We got all happy when we saw it was time for the Okie Blog Awards.

*Best Overall Blog -----No friggin' way...skip it
*Best Political Blog -----We posted about political stuff. Did he say it has to be good?
*Best Family Blog -----Uhh we have families.
*Best Humor Blog -----It's funny that anyone even reads this blog.
*Best Audio Blog -----Uhh does postin' other peoples youtube stuff count?
*Best Looking Blog -----We have big boobs!
*Best Writing -----Uhh...oh hell who are we kidding..skip it
*Best Commentary -----Oklahoma Magazine 75 Great Websites..we was #15 oh yes!
*Best Culture Blog -----A Black, a Indian, a Caucasian and a Blonde with big boobs. Culture right?
*Best Unusual Blog ----- He made this categorie up just for us.
*Best Inspirational Blog -----If we can write a blog and people read it..You can do it too!
*Best Commercial Blog (company sponsored) -----We get paid not to sponsor any company.

We thought we might have a chance on a couple of these, until we read this..

A blogger cannot nominate his or her own blog.

That Okie, he sure knows how to let the air out of our happiness bubble!


Anonymous said...

You gals sure tickle my funny bone.

Kathy said...

HA! I'm thinking humor. I loved the pink cowboy boots post.

T.R. said...

I am voting for you!

KatieKaye said...

You girls have some good post on here. Some of the political post are very good. If people take the time and read they'll see, you can write some good stuff. It's just buried in some junk. Good Luck!