Friday, November 21, 2008

We Went To That Cookie Tree Lighting

The Christmas Tree Lighting by Our Kids
It was dark and cold. We got cookies! We stood there forever. From 6:30 till forever before they lite that tree. They said they was lighten that tree at 6:30. They DID NOT light that tree at 6:30! We got cookies. We stood there in the dark forever before they lite that tree. They should have lite that tree and then sung them Christmas songs. It was too dark and too cold to stand there forever and wait on those lights.
We got cookies! That tree was pretty when it finally came on. They should sing a few songs then turn the lights on then sang some more songs. It was forever! We got cookies. We took some really good pictures. That tree is pretty with the lights. We got cookies.It was cold. The lights were so pretty when they came on. We got cookies!

*all pictures are property of our kids.....not that you'd want to copy them*


Kathy said...


Josh said...

Cookies? I didn't get no cookies! They had cookies?

David said...

too cute. do any of the kids on the front page tonight belong to ya'll?

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Yes, they had cookies, or someone had cookies.. or they had cookies till our kids got there and ate all the cookies. No kids on the front page are least we don't think they are. We have so many kids we forget sometime.