Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stole It From A Man Who Stole It From A Man.

McCurtain Gazette:
A 21 year old Hugo man was arrested Monday after trying to pass a stolen check at Idabel Wal-Mart Super Center. The suspect said he didn't actually steal the checkbook, but named the man who did. The man was arrested for forged instrument, possession of stolen property and obtaining merchandise by false pretense.
(So he stole the checkbook from the man.. who stole the checkbook from the man.. it really belonged to.)

McCurtain Gazette:

Deputies investigated the theft of a .223 rifle from a man's truck while parked at a Smithville bar. The bar owner identified the suspect and the officer drove the man's truck home. The suspect admitted he had the stolen rifle, but said he wasn't the one who took it. Officers also saw a shotgun in the man's home and knew he was a felon. The 35 year old Bethel man was arrested for possession of stolen property and two counts of knowingly concealing stolen property.
(So he stole the rifle from the man...who stole the rifle from the man..that it really belonged to.)

Isn't there an unwritten rule in McCurtain County that crooks can’t steal from other crooks? And don't criminals make life rough on snitches?
Wait maybe we're thinkin' of this

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