Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some Goat Love

We made a discovery while at the Fall Festival.
It's Goat Milk Soap....made right here!
Who knew?
Not us!
We bought some and guess what?
It's some good stuff!
We bought the Love Spell.
And we can only say...OMG!
This stuff smells a love spell!
It smells and feels so nice.
And when a man tells you that you smell and
feel nice.... you know the stuff works.
Any of you that know us....this is what your getting
for Christmas.
And if we don't know you... then you can order some
And no, we don't know Anna or her goats.
But we sure love them for making us smell and feel nice.
Just wish she had some Love Spell Lotion.


Austin said...

Well, chances are you're getting that creamy lather because they thought the goats were female.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

ha! maybe we don't want any goat lotion..but the soap is good.