Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dead Deer Recipe

If your one of those women that likes to hunt (like me and Sarah Palin)
and your wondering.."What do I do with a dead deer?"

Here's one of my favorite dead deer recipes:
2 pounds of backstrap (dead deer loin)
1 quart of apple cider
1 to 1 1/2 pounds thick sliced bacon
2 - 12 ounce bottles of barbecue sauce

Cut dead deer into 2 inch chunks.
Put chunks of dead deer into a shallow baking dish.
Pour enough apple cider to cover dead deer chunks.
Cover dead deer and gross friends out by putting it in your refrigerator for 2 hours.
Remove from refrigerator after 2 hours (of listening to "I can't believe you killed Bambi")
Pat dead deer dry.
Throw away apple cider. (or serve it to your girlfriends that won't shut up saying "I can't believe you shot and skinned Bambi")
Put dead deer back in baking dish.
Pour BBQ sauce over the dead deer chunks.
Cover and put back in fridge for 2 more hours.
Remove dead deer from fridge and let sit 30 minutes or until it is no longer chilled.
Pre-heat outdoor grill (High Heat, I like charcoal)
Wrap each chunk of dead deer in sliced bacon and secure with toothpicks.
Brush grill with olive oil when grill is hot.
Place dead deer on grill, make sure chunks not touching.
Bacon is gonna make flames from the grease, so be careful.
Piss off your friends by saying "Burn Bambi Burn"
Grill and turn, grill and turn.
Bout 15 to 30 minutes...you've grilled before, you'll know when it's done.
Serve and listen to your girlfriends tell you how good Bambi is.


Anonymous said...

LOL, so I guess this would be a bad time to invite all animal lovers over to vote in the ARF pet contest!

Anonymous said...

A fitting end to a noble beast, so respectfully BBQed. With the trimmings after rescuing the meat we used to take them to the local butcher and he made Bambi Sausages for us.


Anonymous said...

I had to come back for another look at those bacon wrapped chunks of venison. Wonderful. Now I will wipe the saliva of the screen.


Kathy said...

We actually used this yesterday. It was so good!

KatieKaye said...

I hate dead deer meat. I wonder if I can try this with dead cow meat?

Jean W said...


Sorry - but I'm more an eggs and salad girl.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Jean..You do know where the egg comes out don't you? Gross! ;)