Thursday, November 13, 2008

Planning A Wedding!

McCurtain Gazette:
The Sheriff's department is investigating the theft of $3600 in guns, electronics, rare collectables and trading cards from a Smithville home. The victim said his family moved to Pittsburg County about a month ago, but still maintains their former home at Smithville. Recently he discovered someone had broken a window with a rock to get inside. Taken were two rifles, a shotgun, about 2,000 older NBA trading cards, rare action figures, collectables, a camcorder and a cake cutting set.

We're thinkin....they need to be looking for someone that's getting married.
Rifles & shotgun.... used to MAKE someone get married.
Trading cards and collectibles...selling them and using money to pay for the wedding.
Rare action figures....a wedding gift.
Camcorder...record the wedding.
Cake cutting set....cut the wedding cake.
The Sheriff's department needs us.

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