Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Oklahoma Debate?

NAIW: Seems there was another debate the same night as the Presidential debate.
BAAW: What debate?

NAIW: A debate between a guy named Inhofe and Rice.
BAAW: And how do you know this?
NAIW: Cause these people, Friends of Jim Inhofe, keep coming on here and checking us out. Seems Inhofe and Rice are running against each other for the U.S. Senate and they had a debate in Tulsa.
BAAW: Oh, that explains why we didn't know about it...cause the Oklahoma News Stations covered it.

Dear Inhofe and Rice,
Down here in Southeast Oklahoma, we don't get Oklahoma News Stations. It's true, we're in the State of Oklahoma, but we have no idea what's going on in the State of Oklahoma. So sorry, but we didn't get to see your debate. If we want to know anything about your debate, or you, we have to get on the Internet. Down here in Southeast Oklahoma we only get Texas or Louisiana news stations. We know deep down the Oklahoma news stations care about us. Cause every time something bad happens here.. they all show up. We don't get to watch any of it.. so we have no idea what's being reported. We can tell you all about who's running against who in Texas and Louisiana...we can't vote for them, but we can tell you all about them. And please don't think we don't appreciate the Texas and Louisiana news stations. We do...during bad weather those news stations are right there for Southeast Oklahoma. Keeping us informed, including us on the map, and watching over us. Don't get us wrong, I'm sure the Oklahoma news stations are keeping us informed...we just don't know it. So sorry to all the, Friends of Jim Inhofe, that keep coming here. All we can say about the debate is....What Oklahoma debate? and Who's Inhofe and Rice?

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