Sunday, October 26, 2008

What has a black eye and a whitetail?

One station reported a hunter forgot to take out his ramrod before firing his muzzelloader and got a black eye. That however did not help the whitetail..the ramrod entered the deer and killed it.
Muzzleloader season continues through November 2.


Elaine Warner said...

I found your blog through Jean Warner's blog on Oklahoma women. What a hoot! I love the idea of you four dissident daughters in your little corner of the state. Do you ever pal with the three Girls Gone Wine just north of you? I know what you mean about no comments. Most of the time I feel like I'm blogging to myself! Oh well, I'm great company! Please come see me at!

Idabel Oklahoma said...

Thanks! We love Ms. Warner. We don't pal with the girls gone wine but we know them..and some of us drink the wine. We'll be checking okietravel out.