Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Remark Made

NAIW: So you read call the editor "Woman offended by remark made"?

BAAW: You know I did, and I know your gonna ask me what I thought cause I'm a black woman.

NAIW: No, I'm gonna ask you what you thought cause your the only one here. Duh...Yes, I'm gonna ask cause your a black woman. So being a black woman and a smart ass, what are your thoughts?

BAAW: Depends on how he said it. Did he say it like "Girl, you must be having a bad day and I'm sorry but I'm about to make it worse by giving you my bill" or did he say it like "Girrll, you must be having a bad day and you gonna need to go home and have some fried chicken and watermelon to calm down after I hand you this here bill." He might just be one of those people that use girl all the time. "Girrll how you been?" "Girl, how you doing?" "Girl, have you lost ya damn mind?" He may not realize he says it. Or he may just be a dumb ass that thinks an old nigger woman don't deserve no respect. So it depends on how he said it.

NAIW: I think women should be called ma'am. Especially older women, to me they've earned it. It's a sign of respect. I do have to disagree with the "white boys calling black women girls and gals", it's not just white boys calling black women this. It's all boys calling all women this.

BAAW: Well what about black men calling black, or any woman for that matter, hoe and bitch. What the hell is attractive about a men that says "This here be my bitch". My daughter ever brings home a boy and I hear him say "Come here hoe" I'm gonna kick his and her scrawny butts. Him for doing it and her for putting up with it. All men and boys should treat all women and girls with respect. Unfortunately, it seems some aren't brought up that way anymore. They don't respect their momma, they don't respect their girlfriends and they don't respect their wives. And it's sad some women and girls allow it. So I guess my thought on the remark made is ... I don't think it should have been a black and white should have been a show respect for women issue.

NAIW: For some strange reason I feel like listening to Aretha right now.

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