Sunday, October 26, 2008

Political Religion Email

Email question: How can you vote for Obama when he's a Muslim?

Barack Obama: A Christian - Obama was a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ, a Protestant grouping with a largely African-American congregation. Early in 2008 Obama was forced to denounce his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, for controversial "inflammatory rhetoric" over American foreign policy, 9/11 and race relations. And the church's decision to award Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award was highlighted by Obama's critics, and the various controversies led Obama to quit the church earlier this year. Obama has also been forced to defend himself against smears suggesting he is a secret Muslim.

*If Obama is a Muslim terrorist, wouldn't you think our FBI/CIA/Secret Service/Intelligence Dept. would know by now, and someone would have stopped him from running for President? Either we have a worthless FBI/CIA/Secret Service/Intelligence Dept., or that whole bunch is in on it, or the man is not a Muslim Terrorist. And let us not forget the smears suggesting Obama is the Antichrist. I'm thinking..if he is the Anti-Christ, wouldn't he have a bigger lead over McCain? And if he really is the Antichrist, wouldn't all born again Christians be happy about this? Doesn't the coming of the Antichrist mean it's time for the Rapture? *

Joe Biden: A Roman Catholic. After his selection as a vice presidential candidate, Biden was criticized by his own Roman Catholic Diocese of Wilmington bishop over his stance on abortion, which goes against the church's pro-life teachings. The diocese confirmed that even if elected vice president, Biden would not be allowed to speak at Catholic schools. Biden was soon barred from receiving Holy Communion by the bishop of his original hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, because of his support for abortion rights,however, Biden did continue to receive Communion at his local Delaware parish. Biden "departed from party doctrine on abortion rights, declaring that as a Catholic, he believes life begins at conception", but Biden said that he would not impose his personal religious views on others.

John McCain: Was Episcopalian now a Baptist. He was raised in an Episcopal church and attended high school at a high school called Episcopal High School. he has attended North Phoenix Baptist Church for many years, and has said the most important thing is that he is a Christian. McCain still calls himself an Episcopalian, but he said he began attending North Phoenix Baptist because he found "the message and fundamental nature more fulfilling than I did in the Episcopal church. ... They're great believers in redemption, and so am I."

Sarah Palin: A Pentecostal evangelist and former longtime member of the Wasilla Assembly of God, a controversial church which believes Alaska will be the refuge for evangelicals from the lower 48 in the approaching End of Days. When running for governor, Palin was anointed at the church by visiting African pastor Thomas Muthee, his ministry was founded on a witch hunt in a Kenyan town. Palin has appeared to credit that prayer as a contributing factor in her electoral success.


Anonymous said...

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Idabel Oklahoma said...

bubba stop playing around on here!

Austin said...

More than likely, Obama is just an atheist or at least a tooth-fairy agnostic. But, thankfully, he's smart enough to realize that politicians are 'required' to subscribe to some sort of theism. Given his logic and reason-driven mind, I would wager that he's scarcely ensconced in bronze-age myths, and couldn't care less about god. Certainly, he is rational enough to leave his religious (or lack thereof) beliefs out of his political agenda, save for its necessity for electability. At any rate, one could only hope that all the sensible politicians are lying when they say they're religious. There is only to resent that we live in a society where theism is requisite for credibility.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

You make a lot more sense than bubba assnonymous up there did. Thanks for commenting.