Monday, October 27, 2008

Phillip Rowell

Phillip Rowell was named Special Needs Driver of the Year.
Mr. Rowell is a Special Needs Driver and Paraprofessional at Rector Johnson Middle School in Broken Bow. Rowell's selection was announced at the State Superintendent's Conference on Transporting Students with Special Needs in Oklahoma City on October 16. Only one special needs driver in the state receives the award each year. Mr. Rowell received a trophy, a letter of commendation and a $100 check from the Q'Straint Corporation.

Some of you probably wonder what's so great about this award. I mean he's just driving a bunch of kids around, how hard can that be? I've watched Mr. Rowell at his job. A lot of these students are in wheelchairs and some have tubes going this way and that. You ever tried picking up a kid and a wheelchair 30 times a day while keeping tubes from getting tangled? It's hard and it's exhausting. But he does it and never complains. He's as strong as a bull, but when he's with these kids, he's as gentle as a teddy bear. Being a Special Needs Driver is so much more than just driving. It's driving, caring, feeding, worrying, listening, cheering, lifting and exhausting.
This is a Special Award for a Special Man who does a Special Job for some Special Kids.

Congratulations Phillip Rowell!

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