Thursday, October 9, 2008


Did you know Cheryl Burke is fat?
All the great minds of America seem to think so.

Some comments made about her five, yes five, pound weight gain.
*for all that dancing she does, she sure is a pudgy little piglet.
*She is definitely quite pudgy....yet still cute.
*kind of thunder thighs.
*Fat. Fat. Fat. Ridiculously fat.
*Chunky for a dancer. She looks more like a maid at the Holiday Inn

First..This is "FAT COW"
Actually this is "A FAT COW"
Not that there is that big of a difference between "FAT COW" and "A FAT COW"......except maybe 5 pounds.

And these are "thunder thighs"
on "ridiculously fat Holiday Inn Maids".

And this is a "pudgy piglet"...and tigger too!
a pudgy "yet still cute" piglet....and tigger too.

And according to the great minds of America....this is a fat Cheryl Burke after gaining 5 pounds.

And this is what I'm going to eat to gain 5 pounds...

...cause I want to look like "FAT CHERYL BURKE".
Not "A FAT CHERYL BURKE" cause there's a huge difference.

Bring on the TwinkieDings!

1 comment:

AMY said...

I can not believe people are saying this woman is fat! It's just unreal. She's healthy and active and that should be all that matters. I love how you showed the stupid side of this.