Saturday, October 18, 2008

UPDATE: Enough was raised to help Eleanor Rose Suttle! Thank You to all who donated!

This is Eleanor Rose Suttle. Eleanor Rose was diagnosed with bilateral retinolastoma, that's cancer in both her retinas. Eleanor's parents first noticed signs of the disease when their daughter was about 4 months old. They noticed a white reflection in her eyes with flash photography. It's kind of like the red eye that some people get in pictures, only it's white.

As part of a last resort effort to save the little girl's vision, doctors have recommended immediate proton radiation. The $140, 000 treatment isn't covered by the family's medical insurance provider. On October 20,2008 the hospital will do this new proton radiation procedure, but the Suttle's have to have $70,000. Right now the Suttle's have about $46,000.
I don't like putting pictures of kids on the Internet. But how could anyone look at that sweet baby and not want to help her. There is an account set up at First National Bank in DeQueen, Ark, also contributions can be mailed to: Chuck Darby at Faith Christian Center, 100 Tanglewood Drive, Broken Bow, OK 74728 (these must be delivered by noon Tuesday so the funds can be hand delivered to the Suttle's) You can also take a donation to one of our local churches.
I know times are hard right now. I know it makes us mad our government can spend $700 billion to bail out a bunch of greedy idiots. But when it comes to kids like Eleanore Rose, there's not even $140,000 to help save them.
If all you can give is $5.. just remember this...1000 other people might only be able to give $5. It adds up. If you can't give anything and your the praying kind...give her a prayer.

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