Monday, October 20, 2008

Party Time in McCurtain County!

This little ad has created quit a stir here. I admit I read it and thought one way.. then read it again and thought another. Any comment?

Ad in McCurtain Gazette:
For most of Oklahoma's first 100 years, Democrats controlled both the Senate and the House, and McCurtain County voted for Democratic senators and state representatives.
That made sense, because having the ear of the party in power could bring the most benefits to our area.
But times have changed!
Today Republicans control the Oklahoma House and they are poised to take a majority in the Senate.
It is very likely that democrat Jerry Ellis will be our next state senator. Wouldn't it be wise to avoid having all our eggs in one basket, party-wise, especially with that party being in the minority?
If McCurtain County is ever going to join the rest of the state in having a two-party system, we need to support good people-of both parties-who are willing to stick their necks out and run for office.
We believe Rusty Farley is such a person who can help bring a two-party system here and help benefit our people. For that matter, Rusty favors non-partisan county elections.
He is a good, honest man who cares deeply about this county. We humbly ask that county Democrats give him consideration.
Paid for by the McCurtain County Republican Party.


jason said...

I can see it.

Katie said...

So are the repub's saying a dem is going to win and their only hope is for the dem's to vote a repub in?

Joe (yes, really) said...

Hey, are we suppose to vote Inhofe too? Not sure if we Demo's are suppose to help out by voting all the Repo's in or just Farley.