Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogger is a Tease!

You know how much we love Blogs of Note.
Not that we're ever gonna be one...but a girl can dream.
This is probably as close as we'll ever get.. Today On The's almost like our name Today In Idabel Oklahoma! If we squint and look sideways we can almost pretend to see our blog name on blog of notes.

We think Blogger did that just to tease us.

Anyway, a blog of note is an interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Blogger Team. For historical context, see
Concerning the Historie and Nature of Blogs of Note... blah blah blah.

Some we go look at and say "How did that blog make blog of note and ours can't! That blogs crap! Our blog is better than that!...blah blah blah.

BUT! sometimes we come across one and say "OMG! I love that blog. Our blog will never be that good. I see why that blog got blog of note".

And this blog, this blog is one of those OMG!
Not only is it interesting and noteworthy, it's PRETTY!
It's so pretty we want to live on it. We could just spend all day there...and when she checks her stats, she'll see we did just that.

Go check it out and see how pretty it is. It's so so pretty there. It just gives you that good all over feeling......unlike our blog that gives you that icky and you need to take a shower feeling.

And by the way Blogger Team ..blogger spell check says your spelling Historie wrong.
Just wanted to pass that interesting and noteworthy information on to ya. Cause we're all about being interesting and noteworthy here.


poesiaemdegustaĆ§Ć£o said...

It's interesting.
I'm a new blogger, and I'm lost here
I admired u, that have a link in buzz.blogger.
Please, How can I do the same?
I think u may help me.
I tried! But the link is in my blog, not in Buzz.Bloger
I'm brasilian, that's why my blog is in portuguese, but u can contact me by e-mail:
or doing a coment in one of my poetries posted in my blog.
Sorry for my poor English

Kate the Retail Girl said...

awww, you guys totally need to be a 'blog of note.' you're hilarious!


Amen to that.

BTW, I LOL'd at the "historie" spelling blurb. ;)


omg! you totaly snatched the words right out of my freakin skull!!...its not as painful as it sounds ;)