Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biden - Palin '08' Debate Drinking Game

Since the Democrats will have all eyes on Plain (to see if she screws up) and the Republicans will have all eyes on Palin (to see if she screws up) we feel the fair thing to do is make the Democrats drink for Palin and the Republicans drink for Biden.
This way if your sober at the end of the debate....the other side didn't screw up, and you can't say he/she did. If your drunk at the end of the debate...that means the other side screwed up, but you'll be too drunk to say he/she did.
If your Democrat you drink every time Palin says: "you know" "I feel" "bridge to nowhere" "thanks but no thanks" "Russia" "lipstick" "blink" "righteous" "cool" and "Maverick".
If your Republican you start drinking when Biden starts talking and don't stop till he shuts up.
After the debate we'll count the the number of Democrats and Republicans left standing and that will determine who really won the debate.
All Independents will be designated drivers.

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