Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kingston Police Officers Disciplined

KINGSTON, Okla. – The chief of police in Kingston says he will discipline his officers that pulled over a Valliant school bus Thursday night on accusations of stolen property. A Valliant school bus was stopped on the way home from a junior high football game Thursday night and forced to go back into Kingston. When we spoke with county authorities Thursday night, they told us they stopped the bus because of accusations of stolen property. This morning Kingston Police Chief John Canoe said there is no indication that anyone on the Valliant school bus had anything to do any type of theft. In fact, he admitted his officer didn't follow proper protocol by not alerting school officials. He said he has spoken with officials at Valliant and apologized. Canoe also said some disciplinary action will be taken with the officers involved. As for the accusations of theft, so far they can't prove anything was taken.

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