Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Biden Promises New Toasters

Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) said on NBC’s “Today” show:
“Our tax plan would take that tax cut of another $130 billion that John (McCain) wants to give to people making over $250,000 next year, not let it go forward and give it to the middle class — the very people who desperately need it to stay in their homes, to buy food, to take care of the gas, to fill up their tank, to be able to go out and buy a toaster, to employ people.”

The McCain campaign’s Joe Pounder, crowed in his morning e-mail to reporters: “Did you catch Joe Biden saying this morning that their tax cut will allow Americans to buy a ‘toaster’? Nothing says a sound economic plan like ‘buying a toaster.’”

Excuse me Mr. Pounder!
Just what the hell is wrong with wanting a new toaster?
Some of us (that don't have seven friggin' houses) have to spend our entire paycheck on nothing but GAS!!
So we can't afford a new toaster!
Some of us can't just run out and buy a new toaster (to put in one of our seven friggin houses) when the old one stops working because some of us don't have jobs.. because our job was to make the new toaster.. and we no longer have that job.. because some foreign person in a foreign country is now making that new toaster!
And even if some of us had a job.. some of us don't even have one friggin' house (much less seven) to put the friggin' new toaster in!
And why is that Mr. Pounder?
Because we have a Republican President that cares nothing about the everyday average middle class low income mother that needs a NEW TOASTER!
And this "WE wanna be the next Republican President" doesn't friggin care about the everyday average middle class low income mother that needs a new toaster either!
Because he/she is too friggin' worried about LIPSTICK!
Which by the way..WE CAN"T AFFORD THAT EITHER!
Oh no..this "WE wanna be the next Republican President" is to friggin' busy making fun of us everyday average middle class low income mother's that need a new toaster.. to actually care about the fact that..


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