Friday, August 8, 2008

Voting for my right to bitch!

In the recent election only 32 percent of McCurtain County's 16,296 registered voters showed up to vote. 32 percent of us now have the right to bitch, and the other 68 percent have the right to keep their damn mouths shut!
Most of those 68 percent just didn't have the time or energy to actually go vote. So I say, they shouldn't have the time or energy to bitch about who was elected.
But that 68 percent will be the people that scream the loudest when things don't go their way. And that 68 percent will sit around and wonder why the people that were elected aren't doing more for them.
The right to vote is a privilege! A privilege a lot of black people and women fought for! I wonder how many of those 68 percent were woman? How many were black? How many were black women?
That 68 percent can find the time and energy to bitch about their rights. But that 68 percent can not find the time or energy to exercise their right that so many fought for.

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