Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Fine Democratic Issues

NAIW: So.. y'all watch any of the democratic convention?

WTRW: I did! I thought Hillary looked good. I didn't much like that orange color, but she looked good.

BAAW: Girrll, why do you like her?

WTRW: Cause she's a strong woman and I admire her patience. If she'd got president..she'd turned to Bill the day they moved into the White house and said.. "Bill, honey....get your lying cheating ass out of my house!" . I'm tellin' y'all, she was just waitin' for the right time to get her revenge....she's a strong patient woman, she'd been a damn good president... and watchin' her kick Bill's butt out the White House door, that would've been so much fun. I like her!...I just don't much like the color of here clothes.

NAIW: Speakin' of color....Why do they keep sayin' Obama is going to be our first black president?

BAAW: Is this a trick question? This is a trick question isn't it?

NAIW: No! HE'S NOT BLACK! The man is not black....You have a black momma and a black daddy..your black! I got a white momma and a Indian daddy..I'm mixed...he's got a white momma and a black daddy..he's

WTRW: Hey! what about me?

NAIW: You have a white momma and trash for a daddy! Figure it out!!

WTRW: What about him? Is he a black man?....

BAAW: He ain't just a black man... he is a fiiine Black Man...uh uh. ohh lawd.. and this is that fine black man in action...

WTRW: Oh look! A fine white man in action...oh look at how he just picks her up...without droppin' her.. ohhh my....

NAIW: EXCUSE ME! We were talkin' about the next President and the Democratic...

BAAW: We're still talkin' about that stuff...some of the men in these shows are Democrats.

WTRW: Ohhh... look at some of the fine men Democrats in Grey's Anatomy...using their fine Democratic lips..

NAIW: And they allow you two to vote?


Katie K. said...

OMG! I have got to start watching those shows. Oh my indeed!

LisaS said...

A friend of mine who is half asian half african american said it's because he looks more black than white. She looks more black than asian so people just assume she's black. When she fills something out she always marks african american and asian. They really need to start putting mixed/other on forms.