Thursday, August 14, 2008

Matthew Wilson Found!

A Rice University computer science student whose disappearance eight months ago made national news was found Wednesday, not begging in the streets or roughing it in the wilderness, but using a laptop at the University of California, Berkeley. Matthew Wilson, 21, was in temporary custody today pending an evaluation after a campus police officer discovered him in a classroom, according to police."You don't know how good I feel about this. It is better than anything in the world," his mother, Cathy Wilson, said by phone this morning from her home in Oklahoma."We know he is alive and physically OK," she said. "I've got to gun it out there."As of this morning, he was being kept in a health-care facility, his mother said.The San Francisco Chronicle reported that UC Berkeley Assistant Police Chief Mitch Celaya said late Wednesday that the laptop Wilson was using was stolen. They have started a theft investigation, but no charges been filed.Wilson had shaved off his beard since withdrawing $500 from his bank account and mysteriously leaving Houston in December and failing to turn in all of his exams.He apparently didn't say goodbye to anyone or let them know where he was going or what he planned to do.
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