Friday, August 1, 2008

Library Rivalry

This is the Idabel Library

This is why Idabel needs a new Library

This is the site for the new Idabel Library

This is what the new Idabel Library will look like

as soon as the Idabel Library gets more of this
Feel like making a donation? You can go here
And if the water damage, falling ceiling, moldy walls and wet carpet don't make you wanna donate, then how bout this........Broken Bow's Library is better than Idabel's Library! Oh yes! you know Broken Bow's lovin' that. I can hear em' over there now...."Not only is our football team better than yours, our library is better than yours!".... Makes you wanna get that library built don't it? - and win that damn football game!

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Sapphire Lucy said...

I was so sad to see the state of the Idabel library when I returned in April. Libraries are actually quite a bargain for the amount of money they require but it takes a community seeing the value of the library and supporting the mission. It takes a community willing to tax itself. I toured the San Jose libraries last year and was extremely impressed, they voted for a bond issue that mandated the building of all the San Jose libraries in the next ten years. I love San Jose!