Friday, August 29, 2008

Idabel Rippers

Concrete Meadows

I love to watch these guys.

I love to watch them do slides and grinds and flips.

I love how they make it look so easy.

I love how the daredevil in me wants to be right out there with em'... doing a 360 heelflip.

I hate how the mother in me wants to scream at them..PUT A DAMN HELMET ON! WATCH THE CARS! GET OUT OF THE ROAD! YOUR GONNA GET KILLED!

Get a skate park the mother in me can shut the hell up!


David said...

I realize this is off topic but is there anyplace in Idabel to watch a football game? Specifically the Cowboys on ESPN Monday night football September 15? Just looking for a restaurant or something similar where a non-local could catch this game.

Idabel Oklahoma said...

try's only place I can think of right now...we'll check around for you.

LisaS said...

Agree, really need a skate park. Something for older kids here.