Friday, August 22, 2008

Halt! In the name of the....Principal?

Read in McCurtain Gazette -
Thanks to the quick action of a Wright City principal and teacher, seems a thief was caught in the act at Wright City Schools Wednesday. The High School principal Bob Finley was holding the suspect up against a car when Wright City Police Cheif Gaylen Hale arrived on the scene. Finley said he and teacher Joel Dickerson had witnessed the 24-year-old Wright City man stealing things out of several vehicles in the school parking lot. Dickerson saw the suspect break into the suspects own sister's car and he tooke an iPod, then he got into another vehicle. Finley yelled at the suspect, who tried to run, but Finley held him against a car until Hale arrived. The police chief found the iPod, $36 in cash, a condom, a wallet and a house key.. among other items in the suspects pocket. Hale said the cash was almost spilling out of his pockets. The wallet was found missing from a teacher's vehicle, the iPod and cash came from the truck of the suspects sister, and the condom and house key from another student's vehicle.

BAAW said: I guarantee when Mr. Finley and Mr. Dickerson tell those kids to do something now...they gonna do it.

NAIW said: I'm wonderin' if they gave that kid his condom back?

WTRW said: He had $36, an Ipod, a condom, a key to a house...I hope he's not the same guy I had a date with last weekend.

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