Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tesla - Jeff Keith - Rocklahoma 2008

Jeff Keith - Tesla will be at Rocklahoma - Pryor, Oklahoma Tonight 9:15pm
Tulsa World Interview "We were always the unexpected act in rock 'n' roll," said lead singer Jeff Keith during a recent telephone interview. "What they see on stage is the same as us behind the scenes. They always get the real us." With Tesla, nostalgia rules and no-nonsense blues rock still packs in the fans. Keith credits his upbringing as a big reason fans are drawn to him. "I'm an Idabel boy," he laughed. "I graduated high school from there in 1976, and I went to seventh grade in Broken Bow. A lot of old friends come up any time I'm anywhere near there." Tesla's near there now, joining this year's monolith hair band Rocklahoma, headlining Sunday. "We were supposed to play last year but couldn't make it," said Keith. "This year, every tour stop, we sign every autograph we can. It means a lot to them, but it also means a lot to us. "We're in it for the long haul at Rocklahoma. We will definitely catch as many acts as we can, every day we're there."

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