Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A message from God .......and 102.9 FM

So I was drivin' around Idabel yesterday, lookin' around and remembering all the buildings that are gone. The Rancho Drive-In, the old Sonic, Ken's Pizza, Earnheart's Studio, Gray High School, the beer joints on skid many more....and now S&H can be added to the list. So many memories of the places and the people. So anyway, I'm gettin' depressed with all this rememberin'...why are all these things gone...can't go to the Drive-in cause the Drive-In's gone, can't get a beer cause the beer joints are gone....oh woe is me....and then like a message from God!! 102.9 FM plays this song, and this song reminds me of my ex-husbands, and that reminds me.....sometimes it's a good thing when things are gone!

*warning-bad words in the song*

song credit: Rehab - Bartender aka Sittin' at a Bar

video credit:

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