Friday, June 6, 2008

Kool-Aid Kool-Aid taste great... when your naked!

According to the paper a 42 yr old Idabel man told police a 46 yr old man he lives with got angry at him for sleeping naked with the front door open. The 46 yr old started fighting the 42 yr old while he was naked. He said the older man punched him, then grabbed his genitals and twisted. The 46 yr old had a different story, claiming his roommate was griping at him while he was trying to make Kool-aid. He said the younger man jumped on him from behind, choking and slapping him. Both were intoxicated when they spoke to police and therefore unable to make an official complaint. The 42 yr old said he would seek a protective order against his roommate.

*I can't help but wonder......what flavor Kool-aid do you think he was makin?'*

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