Friday, May 30, 2008

Innocent Fishing Pole Shot!

Read this in the McCurtain Daily Gazette:
MAN FIRES ON FISHING POLE WITH A SHOTGUN! Sheriff's officers arrested a man in the Oak Hill Community early today after he allegedly beat his wife with a shower rod and shot her fishing pole with a shotgun. The woman said she went to bed early wednesday night because she planned to wake up and go fishing early today. Her husband came home drunk and wouldn't let her sleep, so she decided to wake up and go fishing. When her husband learned of her plans, he took her fishing pole behind the house and shoot it with his shotgun. Afterward, he said "Your fishing pole is waiting on you." The victim told officers she drove to Wal-Mart, bought a new phone and returned home. When she arrived, the man grabbed her cell phone and saw she had called someone he didn't like. She said he threw her against the bathroom wall grabbed the metal shower rod and hit her over the head with it. He then threw the rod at her before throwing her out of the bathroom. Deputies, said the woman had scratches and bruising on her neck, arms and legs. As officers arrested the 35 year old Broken Bow man, he admitted to fighting with the woman, but said it was only verbal.

*I can't help but wonder..... is the fishing pole alright?*

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